Research area

Task 1: Development of Closed Loop-Based Smart Distribution Grid Volt-VAR Optimization Framework through Collaboration with Home Energy Management System (연구재단 신진연구)
  • Development of an integrated VVO-HEMS optimization framework
  • Impact analysis of VVO-HEMS framework subject to data errors



Task 2: Data Quality- and Integrity-Aware Multi-Scale Decision Making in Future Smart Grid (연구재단 신진연구)
  • Development of an analysis framework to quantify the impact of multi-scale data on grid operations 
  • Integrated and unified data analysis approach between MMS, EMS, DMS and HEMS



Task 3: Cyber Data Attack on Smart Grid (한국전력)
  • Development of cyber attack algorithms through data manipulation
  • Impact analysis of cyber attack on physical and economical grid operations
  • Design of countermeasures to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks

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Task 4: Advanced Home Energy Management System (AHEMS) (중앙대학교 신임교원 연구비)
  • Development of AHEMS algorithm with distributed energy resource (e.g., solar, wind, energy storage system)
  • Design of demand response aggregator model